Baltic-Reef Nienhagen starfish vision  

reef overview

Baltic-Reef Reef-Nienhagen overview In 2003, the artificial structures were installed 1.5 km off the Baltic Sea resort of Nienhagen, at a depth of approximately 12 metres and on a surface of 40.000 square metres, with the support of the operational program FIAF of the European Union and thanks to regional funds provided to the project. The materials used included 2.500 tons of natural stone, approximately 1.400 concrete elements as well as various lines and netting materials.

research platform

Baltic-Reef Reef-Nienhagen research platform At 31th of July 2010, a research platform was mounted 1,5 km northwards of Nienhagen. The work surface of 40 mē is located 7 m above the sea level and is grounded with 3 piles in 12 m water depth. Autonomic energy sources supply the platform with electricity. Three underwater cameras and one camera onboard the platform, are recording the hap-penings at the reef. The data-transfer is realized with WLAN.

2T - Tetrapode

Baltic-Reef Reef-Nienhagen 2t tetrapode Height: 1,42 m
Weight: 2 t
Number of items: 820

Per 360 pieces were packed in three layers on a surface of about 10 x 20 meters.

100 pieces were placed to the 6 t - tetrapodes at the westward side.

Manufacturer: Beton-Theil-Werk, Barth (BTW)

6T - Tetrapode

Baltic-Reef Reef-Nienhagen 6t Tetrapode Height: 2,08 m
Weight: 6 t
Number of items: 109

The tetrapodes were placed as single items.

Manufacturer: Beton-Theil-Werk, Barth (BTW)


Baltic-Reef Reef-Nienhagen reef-cone Height: 1,37 m
Weight: 1,8 t
Diameter: 2 m
Wall thickness: 15 cm
Number of holes: about 30, irregular spread
Number of items: 320

Manufacturer: Mecklenburger Fertigteilwerk Rostock (MFTW)

concrete ring

Baltic-Reef Reef-Nienhagen concrete ring Height: 0,75 m
Weight: 1,25 t
Diameter: 2,68 m
outer wall thickness: 9 cm
inner wall thickness: 6 cm
Number of outer holes: 8, diameter: 25 cm
Number of inner holes: 6, diameter: 20 cm
Number of items: 130

Manufacturer: Hass Hatje Kritzkow (H H)

algae table

Baltic-Reef Reef-Nienhagen algae table Foot-height: 30 and 70 cm
Weight: 4 t
Building area: 2,5 x 4,5 m
Hole: 1 x 2 m
Number of items: 18 (9 with hole)

Manufacturer: Mecklenburger Fertigteilwerk Rostock (MFTW)

fouling frame

Baltic-Reef Reef-Nienhagen fouling frame Height: flexible, max. 2 m
capacity: 56 tilings per side
tilings: 9 x 24 cm

natural stones

Baltic-Reef Reef-Nienhagen natural stones approx. 2.500t natural stones

Reef Nienhagen - elements

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