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sea station

Baltic-Reef starfish sea station The visitor platform, a landmark for Mecklenburg Pomerania. The starfish-shaped form not only represents the most occuring creature in the reef. It also offers a modular construction system. Thus, the arms of the starfish can be build step by step around the center. That educational, touristic highlight is believed to sensitize the citizens for the ecosystem "baltic sea".


Baltic-Reef starfish ropeway The ropeway is the main transportation between the coast and the platform. Up to 6 wind forces, the guests can be transported. The ride lasts about 10 minu- tes, enough time to enjoy the view. With a pylon-high of 10-15 meters and a distance of 600 meters, the gondolas are floating above the coast. About 150 persons can be transported within 1 hour.


Baltic-Reef starfish lobby The lobby is the center of the platform. Boutiques, shops and cafe's invite to a cozy stroll. The giant elevators looms upwards in all floors. Surrounded of an huge aquarium, you enjoy the ride with the elevator.


Baltic-Reef starfish laboratory In the laboratory, fishery-biological researches will be conducted. A special project examines the medicinal use of a dulse "Delessaria". In a laboratory especially for visitors, you can research yourselfe. Experiments with consulting professionals of bio-, physic- and chemical devisions, offers deep insights into marine biology.


Baltic-Reef starfish museum The reef to touch. In the museum, not just artificial models of the reef-elements are waiting for you. Observe the maritime biodiversity in huge aquariums. Digital infoscreens and 3D-videopre-sentations imparts knowledge about the baltic sea. You not only learn about the history, but about the future of the baltic sea either.


Baltic-Reef starfish holodeck The "holodeck", equiped with latest technology, is the playground for everybody. Interactive infoscreens, display- and beamer-presentations with 3D-stereo technology let the visitors immerse into the underwater world pretty realistic. Gameterminals imparts background-knowledge very impressive. Undergo the baltic sea with all your senses in the "Chillout-zone". Education at it's best!

diving station

Baltic-Reef starfish diving station The diving station with its great service offers biological guided dives to the reef and outstanding wracks near the reef. Under high safety standard, they offer diving training. A special event is, to dive with seals.

diving gondola

Baltic-Reef starfish diving gondola For interested people, there is the diving-gondola. Learn about the baltic sea in 10 meter depth. Intriguing animations with surround sound offers beside the outlook on the reef, an insight into maritime-biological background. Up to 30 persons fit into the gondola, which hold about 45 minutes under the sea level before it emerges.


Baltic-Reef starfish submarine Submerge into the baltic sea with "Nemo 100". Observe the biodiversity through a 360 degree Lucite-dome during the dive across the artificial reef. Up to 10 submarines can be placed in the hangar. 2-6 persons fit into one submarine.


Baltic-Reef starfish cafe The dome offers an awesome 360 degree view and revolves once per hour around its own axis. Equiped with high tech, it can be used for meetings , exhebitions etc. In the restaurant we serve sea food, at the bar you can order through an interactive menu. Up to 200 guests can find a place to enjoy the wonderful view and food.


Baltic-Reef starfish hotel Enjoy your holidays in the 5-star hotel - all inclusive. Beside a capacity of up to 50 guests and equiped with 1-4 bed apart-ments, you can find a wide array of relaxation possibilities. In the wellness area with access to the baltic sea, you can take a break from everyday life. The fitness-room offers enough place to keep fit. A restaurant with cafe and bar is located downstairs.


Baltic-Reef starfish pier A pier can accommodate more vessels. Here is the loading-zone located, to supply the platform with the needful.

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